the easy way to bypass frp samsung a6 plus is just one click, it goes through and becomes a note, that's what I'm going to convey today, where today it so happened that one of the samsung a6 plys a605g units was locked by a google account, actually I've been looking for a solution for more than a day to delete the google frp account on this samsung a605g with some video recommendations on youtube, but everything didn't work and still nothing, had time to give up because indeed for samsung a6 plus this is the binary version and the android version is the latest with the 2022 patch


after trying hard, finally one of my distant friends suggested trying to use the "service mode" method and use the samfrp tool for the one-click tool, and in the end I wondered whether it was called "service mode" or could it be "test" we can do this mode on the samsung a6 plus a650g-a650f, it turns out that it can and supports "service mode" samsung a6 plus, just dial *#0*# and enter "service mode" or "test mode" and here's how bypass the frp samsung a6 plus

Samsung FRP Tool 2022

Samsung USB Driver Installer

1. The first thing you have to do is install the Samsung USB driver onto the PC until it's finished, if you really need the PC to reboot, please just reboot so that later between the device and the PC can be connected properly, then you can extract all the files that have been downloaded. download, and just make a folder so it's easy to find during the process, continue to the next step like this

2. Just turn on your Samsung A6 Plus, even though your Google account is still locked and you can't enter the menu normally, leave it alone, we position the cellphone to the welcome screen with a choice of language and connect to the PC, so you can enter "test mode" or "service mode" samsung a6 plus this is how (you touch the emergency call menu then just dial *#0*# until later the device menus will appear test mode)

3. after the device can enter test mode or service mode, now we open and run the samsungfrp tool new patch 2022 until later the interface opens clearly, but if after we click run as administrator on samfrptool.exe it asks for netfraemwork version 4.7.2 , you just have to follow the fix method on this page Samsung FRP Tool New Patch 2022, it will open like this if you follow it correctlySAMSUNG A6 PLUS A605G - A605F FRP GOOGLE LOCK REMOVE ONECLICK

4. continue by selecting the "remove frp aug 2022 security" menu and wait for it to finish, because the process only takes less than 2 minutes, after finishing the samsungfrp tool, on our samsung a6 plus device there will be several screen movements during the process and that's natural, and after it's finished, the Samsung display is still in the test mode position, just ignore it and just let go of our Samsung A6 Plus, at that moment we have succeeded in overcoming the Samsung A6 Plus A605F-A605G locked Google account, you select the menu back, just get to welcome display and language selection again then repeat the setup again to the homescreen and it's done

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