On today's occasion and still on this page, I will share more tutorials and files for all of you, maybe specifically for cellphone technicians who also want to fix the imei not registered on the Samsung A7 2018 because it is blocked and must have root access permission, this is where you can find the tutorial. , because what I will convey and explain is How to ROOT Samsung A7 2018 A750GN U6 Android 10 still using magisk only


In order for the Samsung A750gn rooting process to be successful without failures or errors such as releasing binaries and others, your Samsugn A7 must have unlocked the bootloader (activate OEM Unlock) and bring it up in your Samsung A7 settings menu, if you don't follow what I suggest , I'm sure the root process will fail and there is an error description on Odin and on the appearance of your Samsung A7 2018 device, here are the materials we use

ROOT File Samsung A7 A750GN

Samsung USB Driver Installer

Samsung Odin Downloader Tool

1. The first step that you have to do is focus on your Samsung A7 device, because we will unlock the bootloader first or you can also activate OEM Unlock and also USB Debugging, how to activate wifi or cellular data on your device, after that enter the Settings menu - About Phone - Software Information - Touch your Version Number several times until you become a developer and return to the Settings menu - About Phone - Developer Options - Your USB Debugging is ON right - Your OEM Unlock is ON right and if it asks Erase All, you touch Delete All then the device will restart and will reset itself, so backup your important data first

2. After we have reset the device and now it has returned to the homescreen, you activate the wifi or cellular data again and then again activate the USB Debugging in the same way as in number 2 above, here you only display the OEM Unlock menu (if it doesn't work just touch it, just ignore it, it's natural), then after USB Debugging is ON, the OEM Unlock menu appears, now you enter Odin mode by pressing and holding both volume up + down buttons then connect the device to your laptop/pc until a warning message appears. you press the volume up button once and now the samsung a7 2018 has entered odin mode, open the odin downloader tool and in the COM serial section try to have the COM serial used by our samsung a7, for the Options menu we remove the checklist on Auto Reboot it and enter the Samsung A7 root file in the complete material folder like this


3. After everything is correct according to my recommendations and directions above, the final step is to select the Start menu in Odin to start the process of flashing the root file and let it run like this


4. If the process is running and there is already a Passed notification on Odin, as shown below, you remove your Samsung A7 which still displays Odin modeSAMSUNG A7 2018 A750GN U6 ROOT BY MAGISK UPDATE LATEST VERSION

5. As you can see on the appearance of your Samsung A7, you are still in Odin mode, now we will force it into recovery mode to factory reset / wipe data first. The method is, In the Odin mode display, we press and hold down the three buttons, including the volume button up + down + power together, if the device is off or the screen is off, release only the volume down button and let the volume up + power button still be pressed and held, when the device has the Samsung logo appear, immediately you just release the power button and Keep pressing the volume up button until it enters recovery mode

6. When finished and have entered recovery mode, now we select the Wipe Data / factory reset menu and when finished we select Reboot System Now again and wait for the device to return to normal on the homescreen. If the device has entered the homescreen again, we reactivate wifi or cellular data and don't forget to just activate the USB Debugging as in step number 2 above, After the wifi is active or after the device is connected to the internet, now copy and paste the magisk patched a750gn apk file and the root checker apk into the Samsung device's internal memory our a7

7. The next step is that we install the magisk patched a750gn apk until it's finished, and just open the magisk later there will be a notification (Needs additional preparation) you just select OK and the device will restart in 5 seconds then just wait until it can enter the homescreen again and Done

Root checker is not mandatory, because this application is just to make sure that our Samsung A7 2018 is rooted or not, but if you are curious, please install the root checker and then no and just allow it to ask for root access and congratulations your device is rooted, maybe just That's all friends, what I have explained is complete and long so that you don't have any trouble starting rooting this Samsung A7 2018 A750gn Android 10, please don't get bored reading it so that you can successfully root your device.

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