how to root samsung s6 edge g925l-g925l-g925f I will show you today, this method has been a long time coming for one of the samsung devices, but there are still many who need files and tutorials specifically for the samsung s6 egde, incidentally today I will show you everything about this


how to install twrp recovery and root samsung s5 edge for some people it will be very easy, but for some people it will also be difficult because it's not from an expert who is smart with android mobile programs, for that I will provide step by step how to install twrp and root samsung s6 edge from start to finish so you can also choose the tutorial on this page, here's how it works and the files I use

Samsung S6 Edge TWRP And Root File

Samsung USB Driver Installer

Samsung Odin Flash Tool All Version

1. The first thing you have to do is install the Samsung USB driver into our PC or laptop until it's finished, even though the device is Samsung, maybe you will need to disable the driver signature, so please do that so that later the device can connect to the PC with fast and good without any errors or failed, extract some files using winrar or 7zip and make a special folder to put the files so they are easy to find

2. now we will activate developer mode on this device in the following way (settings - about device - software info - build number tap until becoming a developer - return to settings - developer options - enable usb debugging) then return to normal mode again, Immediately turn off the device and we will enter Odin mode in this way (press and hold the home + power + volume down button, if there is a warning written later, just press the volume up button once and connect the device to the PC if it has entered Odin mode)

3. open and run the odin flash tool, make sure the com id already has a serial com used by the samsung s6 edge which has entered odin mode, then for our option unthick "auto reboot" and enter the twrp file samsung s6 edge on the AP menu in odin flash the tool is like this " twrp-3.3.1-0-zerolteskt.img.tar " it will look like this if you are correct according to my instructions


4. After we have set everything according to what I explained above, now to start the process of flashing the twrp recovery file for the Samsung S6 Edge, we can simply select the "start" menu on the Odin flash tool and it will start immediately in less than 1 minute. just finished like this if true


5. in the following step we will force entry into twrp recovery mode samsung s6 edge which is still showing odin mode the way it is (press and hold the home button + volume down + power button together, when the screen is off immediately slide the volume button down to the volume up button and when the Samsung logo comes out, immediately release only the power button until later there will be a twrp recovery that we made in point number 4

6. when the device is able to enter twrp recovery mode, to open the main twrp menu we select "swipe" and that is the main menu for twrp samsung s6 edge, on the twrp main menu we immediately select the "wipe" menu then "format data" when prompted just enter the password YES and click OK, wait for the data format to finish, after the data format is finished we select the Home twrp menu and will return to the main menu from twrp again

7. after you have successfully opened the second twrp main menu or after finishing the data format, now we can select the "reboot" menu then select "recovery" again and select "do not install" at that time the device will restart automatically and will immediately back to twrp, we select "swipe" to open the twrp main menu then connect the device to the pc, because we will copy and paste some files like this

8. We copy it and then paste the file "" into the internal memory of our Samsung S6 Edge device, after we have copied the file, now just remove the device from the PC, and we return to TWRP, we immediately select the "install" menu " to start the installation process root supersu samsung s6 edge and wait for it to finish, when finished, now we select " reboot system ' and select again " do not install " finish

up here you can install twrp and root samsung s6 egde u6 properly, you can see in all the applications there is already "SuperSu" if it really is there, you just have to open it then select "new user" and touch "cancel" which finally "no thanks" everything is done

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