hello all, greetings, see you again, still with me on this beloved page, today I will show you all about how to root Samsung A01 A015F-A015G Android 11 without TWRP, of course, still using magisk and without bootloop, so of course it will be safe, safe for you too Those of you who are still beginners who want to root Samsung only to get root access or root permission when we install third-party applications


there are a number of conditions that you must pay attention to first before you can follow the methods and tutorials that I will convey, for the first condition is the samsung a01 you must have unlocked the bootloader, for the unlock method you can follow this page, the second condition is "oem unlock" it must already be in the menu list, the meaning is not hidden, and the third way this will delete all of your personal data, so back up first if you really want to follow this method and the following methods and files

Samsung A01 A015F Root File

Samsung USB Driver Installer

Samsung Odin Flash Tool All Version

1. As a first step, of course we will extract all the files that we have downloaded, but specifically for the root file, don't extract it because the format is TAR so you can enter the Odin flash tool, install the Samsung USB driver until it's finished on your PC, after that can you just restart the PC so that the connection between the cellphone and PC can be connected properly without any errors on our PC or laptop device manager, and continue to the next step

2. activate wifi or you can also use cellular data on your Samsung A01, because here we will activate developer mode first, for developer mode you can do it this way (after the device already has an internet network, now we open the settings menu - about phone - device information software - version number tap several times until there is a notification "developer mode has been activated" then go back to settings - scroll down and tap on developer options - make sure the "oem unlock menu appears, don't hide it - activate oem unlock - enable usb debugging)

3. after the two features "oem unlock and usb debugging are active, now we just turn off the samsung a01 to enter odin mode by pressing and holding both the volume up button and volume down button then immediately connect the cellphone to the pc, see you later the screen turns light blue with warning written, and press the volume up button once until you can enter Odin mode

4. After the device is able to enter Odin mode and we have connected the cellphone to the PC, now we move to the file and then run the Odin flash tool, we look at the com id section there, make sure there is already a serial com used by our Samsung A01, then we can select the "auto reboot" menu and remove the checklist, and we select the AP menu then navigate to the Samsung A01 root file like this "A015F_11_U4_ROOT.tar" if correct it will look like this


5. after you have set everything exactly as I said above, and the root file has also entered the odin flash tool, the next step is the step where we will start the process of flashing the root file by pressing the "start" menu immediately the process runs with time less than 1 minute it's finished, but after it's finished the Samsung A01 cellphone still displays Odin, let's just ignore it while getting to the next step


6. remove the Samsung A01 then we will force it into recovery mode even though the device is still in odin mode, to be able to enter recovery mode, we use it in this way (press and hold the volume down button + the power button simultaneously, if the screen is dead, immediately move the volume down button to the volume up button, and after the Samsung logo comes out, immediately release only the power button, leaving only the volume up button until it enters recovery mode)

7. If our Samsung A01 is able to enter recovery mode, the next step is that we just select the "wipe data / factory reset" menu then select the "factory data reset" menu again, wait until the reset is complete, after the reset is complete it will return to recovery mode then immediately we just select the menu "reboot system now" and just let the device restart by itself, we can wait until the cellphone will boot up and will return to normal standby mode

8. after the samsung a01 has returned to its normal position, now we copy the magisk patched apk file and the root checker apk into our cellphone's internal memory, before we install the two apk files, we first activate the wifi network or you can also cellular data, then when there is an internet connection, we immediately install the magisk patched and then just select "udpate" and when it's finished we can select the open menu, until here we have successfully rooted our Samsung A01, when it says "needs preparation" additional "we just select OK and the cellphone will restart in 5 seconds then return to the normal position again and finish

You can install a root checker to make sure that our Samsung A01 is already rooted in the above way, so if you read this article on how to root your Samsung A01 A015f Android 11 carefully from start to finish, it is certain that you will also succeed in rooting your Samsung A01 Android 11. and until here we meet today

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