SAMSUNG A30 ( A305F - A305G ) U5 TWRP / ROOT ANDROID 10-11

samsung a30 a305g u5 android 11 twrp and root is my article, there are lots of methods on the internet, regarding the Samsung A30 root tutorial, but some not support even my Samsung device is restarts or the stuck logo afterwards, maybe this is because problem with the binary version of the system or the Android version, but not this time, I will show you, from my experience, successful rooting Samsung A305F U5 Android 11 or Android 10

SAMSUNG A30 ( A305F - A305G ) U5 TWRP  ROOT ANDROID 10-11

how to install twrp and root samsung a30 bit5 we will explain in detail from start to finish, there are a number of things you must do in order to be able to successfully install twrp samsung a30 bit5 namely the device must have unlocked the bootloader, for how to unlock the bootloader samsung a30 you can follow on this page How To Easily Unlock Bootloader Samsung A30 A305F, and the following explanation

Samsung A30 TWRP - ROOT File

Samsung Odin Flash Tool

Samsung USB Driver Installer

1. still the same as usual, before we can install twrp and root samsung a305g bit5, we activate the developer mode first in the menu (settings - about phone - software information - build number tap until you become developer - go back to settings - scroll down - developer options - activate oem unlock - enable usb debugging) after that we return to the standby mode menu

2. if at point number 1 above we don't find the oem unlock menu, we just need to activate the internet network on our device, then we try to check periodically until the oem unlock menu is not hidden anymore, this will affect the process of flashing the twrp file , because the RMM State and KG State on the Samsung A30 must be in a checking state, not prenormal, proceed to the next step

3. now extract all the files that we have downloaded, then install the samsung usb driver installer until it's finished, continue by opening and running the samsung odin flash tool, the odin flash tool interface is open, continue by entering the twrp file samsung a305f - a305g on the AP menu with the format TAR, for "auto reboot" just unthick it so the device doesn't reboot automatically after flashing the twrp file

SAMSUNG A30 ( A305F - A305G ) U5 TWRP  ROOT ANDROID 10-11

4. Next, enter Odin mode by pressing and holding both the volume up and down buttons then connect the device to the PC, wait until it says "warning" then we press once on the volume up button and now we see that the device can enter odin mode, you can check the RMM state and KG State make sure you've checked, if it's still prenormal, please look for recommendations on how to remove the rmm state samsung a30 on Google or YouTube

5. The next step is after we have finished looking at Odin mode, everything has been checked, we continue by selecting the "start" menu on the Odin flash tool until the process runs with a duration of less than 1 minute. Passed, just remove the device from the PC and continue to the next step

SAMSUNG A30 ( A305F - A305G ) U5 TWRP  ROOT ANDROID 10-11

6. because we unchecked the Odin flash tool auto reboot, maybe the device is still in Odin mode, but we will force it into twrp mode (press and hold the three buttons including the power button - volume down button - volume up button, if the screen the device is off immediately just release the volume down button, if we see the samsung logo coming out just let go of the power button, keep pressing and holding the volume up button until the twrp recovery menu appears

7. after the device can enter recovery twrp mode, first we "swipe" to open the main twrp menu then select the "wipe" menu and select the "data format" menu again (make sure your personal data has been backed up, because the data formatting process will erase all your personal data such as photos-videos-images-applications and music) when asked for a data format password we enter YES then select OK, wait for it to finish, when finished we select home twrp and we will be directed back to the main twrp then select "reboot" and select again "recovery"

8. We can wait for the device to enter the second twrp mode, then we "swipe" again to open the main twrp menu, after that connect the device to the PC to copy the magisk zip file into our device's internal memory, once it's already in the internal memory , now we select the "install" menu and select then install until it's finished, when finished installing we immediately select the "reboot system" menu then select the "do not install" menu again and finish

9. because at point number 8 above we format the data, so it's possible that the device will boot up longer than we expected, maybe around 3 to 5 minutes it will be finished, after it's finished and the device has returned to standby mode, we reactivate the internet network on the device samsung a30 then also activate the developer mode and you try to check on some of the menus

10. if you see that there is an additional magisk application, you can tap on the application and just open it, if it asks for an update, you just click OK then install the magisk update and wait for the update to finish, after the update is finished immediately select open, if you see there is notification "needs additional setup" you just select OK and the device will reboot in 5 seconds, until here, actually you have successfully installed twrp and root on samsung a30 a305f - a305g bit5 android 11, so the conclusion is that everything is done

if during the process of installing twrp or root you have significant problems, you can enter a comment, I will immediately reply with the problem you are facing for the process of rooting and installing twrp samsung a30 bit5 android 11, thank you

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