xiaomi redmi 7 onclite how to install twrp and root miui 11 must be with certain conditions, because for redmi 7 still using authorized and must have unlocked the bootloader to be able to install twrp recovery and root on the device, maybe for those of you who have difficulty unlocking bootloader and having trouble on how to get authorized, you can look at several authorized xiaomi service provider websites, it just so happens that we already have it


how to root and install twrp redmi 7 is actually very easy, which has been confirmed will always be safe, meaning it doesn't cause the device to bootloop or stuck logo after installing twrp, the most important thing in how to root redmi 7 miui 13 is that you have to have enough time and focus , if later after installing twrp which results in failure to install recovery, maybe the device will bootloop or restart, here are the files I use and how to install twrp and root xiaomi redmi 7 miui 12

Xiaomi Redmi 7 TWRP And Root File

Minimal ADB Fastbtoot Tool

Qualcomm Driver Windows 10

1. first of all what you have to do is install the qualcomm driver, even though we really need a fastboot driver but the redmi 7 uses the qualcomm snapdragon so we can just install the qualcomm driver then you can extract the complete files I have provided, there will be 3 files only, (at least adb and twrp files) specifically for your, don't extract it again because the form is already zipped which we will install via twrp which we will soon make, one more thing you have to install is minimal adb fastboot tool

2. now turn off the redmi 7 then go into fastboot mode by pressing the volume down button and also the power button together later when the device turns on you, release only the power button and keep the volume down button, pressed until it exits fastboot mode After that, just connect the device to your PC or laptop until the device manager reads the Android bootloader interface and now we proceed to the steps of installing the twrp file below.

3. copy and paste this file ( TWRP-3.4.0-0_FBE_onclite.img ) into the minimal adb tool installation folder and paste it outside the folder not in any folder, next open the minimal adb fastboot tool and now we will type the command to install the twrp file that we have copied and pasted in the minimal adb tool installation folder like this

a. fastboot devices then enter

b. fastboot flash recovery TWRP-3.4.0-0_FBE_onclite.img then enter

4. now just release our redmi 7 device directly and now force it to enter the twrp recovery mode that we made earlier in this way (press and hold the volume up button and the power button for a long) after the device is dead release only the power button and the button above, let it be pressed until the twrp menu that we installed earlier appears and now we can see the twrp menus (if the language is still Chinese, you touch the left box then touch the globe or world map image then replace it with English only

5. this method will remove all your personal data because if we don't format the data through the twrp menu, our internal device will not be read and only 0mb, for that after we enter twrp mode we select the Wipe menu and then select the Format data menu and enter the password YES then ok, and wait for it to finish, after that, select the home twrp menu then select the reboot menu and select the recovery menu again, our redmi 7 will automatically return to twrp mode and now the 0mb on the internal memory redmi 7 is back to normal, just connect the device to the PC, copy and paste the file on the internal redmi 7 and open the install menu on twrp then select swipe to confirm flash to start the magisk root flashing process, after you finish you can directly select the home twrp menu again then select the reboot menu and now, select the system menu

6. until here you have successfully installed twrp and root redmi 7 with the miui 11 version using magisk, because the method above requires a data format so maybe the bootup will take longer, here I assume that you have made it to the normal homescreen, activate our wifi or redmi 7 mobile data then on some applications there will be additional magisk applications that we haven't updated, touch the magisk then download or just update the magisk until it's finished, after the update is finished open it directly and there will be information need additional settings, just select OK and the device will reboot for 5 seconds until it returns to the homescreen and it's done.

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