now I will show you again how to install twrp and root samsung s9 plus g965n u5 android 10 of course here I will use magisk, what makes it even easier is that on samsung s9 plus no longer requires unlocking the bootloader, just activate oem unlock and Of course usb debugging, for oem unlock there must be and appear in several menus, if oem unlock doesn't appear or is still hidden, during the flashing process the twrp recovery file there will be errors such as only realese binaries block by oem or maybe it can also be a sign of other errors.


as previously I have provided how to install twrp recovery on samsung devices, it is still the same, but of course it is different from the files I provide, for samsung s9 plus with a different binary version from the one I showed, maybe you have to update the android version first and with binary version u5, so that you can follow the method I show and so that you can successfully install twrp recovery / root samsung s9 plus g965n bit5 android 10 on your samsung device

Samsung S9 Plus TWRP / ROOT Files

Samsung USB Driver Installer

Samsung Odin Downloader Tool

1. to be able to install twrp and root samsung s9 plus g965n u5, you must have opened developer mode on that device (settings - about phone - software information - build number just tap until there is a notification "you are already a developer" - back go to settings - scroll down - developer options - enable oem unlock - enable usb debugging )

2. if when you open developer mode, it turns out that we can't find the oem unlock, the method is simply to activate the internet network on the device and then try using the above method again to open the developer mode, if it's still not there or the oem unlock menu is still hidden, just keep doing it with the same steps, until finally oem unlock opens and is already in your samsung s9 plus menu list

3. Next extract all the files that are there then install the Samsung USB driver installer onto your PC or laptop until it's finished, also make sure we don't extract the TWRP and root files because the extension is already tar to be able to enter the files into the Odin flash tool, proceed to the next step

4. open and run the odin flash tool then we enter the twrp file of this type "twrp-3.3.1-1-star2lte.img " into the odin tool which is on the AP menu, we select on the "auto reboot" menu then we just uninstall , this way so that the device does not restart after finishing flashing the twrp file and there is no failure in the process, maybe it will be like this if we see the correct display and according to my instructions


5. In the next step, we will enter Odin mode on the Samsung G965n or Samsung S9 Plus in this way (turn off the device, then press and hold the four buttons, including volume up + volume down + bixby button + power button, after the device is off, immediately release it only volume down button, when the device screen is ON, immediately release only the power button, so we will see that there is only one button that we are still pressing and holding, namely volume up until later the device will enter twrp recovery mode)


6. after the device can enter twrp recovery mode, to open the twrp main menu we can select the "swipe" menu then the main menu of the twrp will appear, the first thing we do is select the "wipe" menu then "format data", if it asks for a password, just type YES and wait for it to finish formatting the data, (this method will delete all data such as photos, videos, pictures, music), after the formatting process is complete, we can select the home button twrp recovery, and we select the menu again " reboot "then you can choose the "recovery" menu if later there is "do not install" we just select that and the device will restart up to the second twrp recovery

7. when the device has returned to twrp recovery for the second time, we connect the device to a PC or laptop then you can copy and paste this file "" into our device's internal memory, now we can select the menu "install" and we are looking for which we have copied and pasted, wait for the magisk installation process to finish, a few moments after the process is complete, we can select the menu "reboot system" then "do not install" and everything is done

as an addition from me, maybe bootup will take longer than usual, but it won't make this device into a bootloop or stuck logo, so just leave it until it finishes booting, when the device is finished we set it up, the next step we can update the existing magisk In some of our Samsung G965n menu displays, before connecting this device to the internet network so that the Magisk update can run properly and the rooting process is complete, we are working on it

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