hello everyone back on my page, today I will show you how to Root Samsung A12 A125F U4 Android 11 very easily and simply, no need twrp recovery, for those of you who might be looking for a solution for third-party applications those who need root access can be installed on the Samsung A12 device, this is where you will find out how, the most important thing in the process of rooting the Samsung A125F Bit4 which I will show is that the device must have unlocked bootloader even though the Samsung A125F has a Mediatek chip


samsung a12 a125f android 11 u4 root still only uses the odin flash tool, for all the files I have provided in the middle of this article, then how to unlock the bootloader on a samsung device, you can see how it works on the following page How to Unlock Bootloader Samsung Devices, definitely know that Samsung devices don't need a file to be able to unlock bootloader, even so you also have to be able to focus because unlocking the Samsung bootloader is not as easy as we think

Samsung A12 A125F U4 Root File

Samsung USB Driver Installer

Samsung Odin Flash Tool All Version

1. first step is to make sure once again that the samsung a12 device has unlocked the bootloader, turn it on and then connect the device to wifi or cellular data, here we will activate developer mode first in this way (when the device is connected to the internet, continue to open the settings menu - about phone - software information - build number tap 7x - go back to settings - scroll down developer options - oem unlock enable - usb debuggin enable ) done

2. sometimes on the oem unlock menu after look continuously but the oem unlock menu has not come out in the menu list, try to enter odin mode whether RMM State Prenormal or KG State Prenormal, if so, look for recommendations on youtube how to remove rmm state and kg state samsung a12 android 11, but if oem unlock is active and usb debugging is active, proceed to the next step

3. now, install the samsung usb driver installer to completion, extract all the files that we have downloaded and put together in the folder, next step open and run the odin flash tool then enter the file "A127F_U4_ROOT_ANDROID_11.tar" into the AP menu on odin flash tool, turn off your samsung a12 device and enter odin mode by doing this (press and hold both volume up and down buttons then connect the device to the pc, if there is a "warning" message, just press the volume up button once until it enters odin mode) and connect the device to the pc


4. before you start by selecting the start menu on the odin flash tool, try to check the serial com, make sure there is already a serial com used by our a12 device, continue by selecting the "option" menu this is very important: uncheck the "auto reboot" section " after everything is correct according to what I show, the last step is to just click the start menu on odin and wait for it to finish like this


5. when the process of flashing the root file of the samsung a125f android 11 is complete, just remove the device and let the device display still in odin mode, now what we have to do is enter android recovery by doing this (press and hold the three buttons including the volume up button- down button-power button simultaneously, if the screen is off immediately release only the volume down button, then after the device boots logo immediately release the power button, leaving only the volume up button until you can go to android recovery

6. after the device is able to go to android recovery, just select "wipe data / factory reset" and wait for the factory reset to finish, after that select "reboot system now", the device will automatically restart until it can return to standby mode like a device normal after our previous setup and continue with the next step

7. re-enable developer mode on your Samsung A12 device, the method is the same as above, reconnect the device to the PC then copy and paste the magisk file, and install it into our device, previously activate the internet network using wifi or cellular data, after the magisk has been installed, now open the magisk then wait for a moment magisk will update the version, if later there is a notification "additional setup" just select OK then the device will reboot in 5 seconds and until here you have successfully rooted samsung a12 a125f android 11 u4 easily

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