This success story from my experience helping a professional friend as a cellphone technician, he said please and begged to be helped how to reset the oppo a71 2018 cph1801 pattern using the msm download tool, I explained that for the old oppo a71 and oppo a71 2018, now it has can no longer use the existing tutorials that use the MSM download tool I'm sure of that, but there are other ways and other solutions to overcome the OPPO A71 forget pattern / password without the MSM download tool, of course it's free for you.
For that I will share how to overcome oppo a71 2018 cph1801 Forgot password / pattern / FRP bypass on this morning's opportunity, please do it according to what I will give the instructions, so you can easily handle it, all risks must be your own to bear it , because this way of working I have tested & worked without any significant errors after we successfully repaired it.Previously, please use this file correctly and wisely, if later this file cannot be opened, I will help to activate the tool remotely to be able, we just see the following

Maybe for the tutorials that discuss the Oppo A71 Solution CPH1801 Forgot Pattern or How to Flashing Oppo A71 2018 CPH1801 Msm Download Tool we will no longer be able to use, and with this tutorial it's a substitute for the msm download tool, follow it according to my instructions so you can it works. don't need big files with oppo a71 firmware anymore.

Thus all my friends that I explained on this occasion this morning, I hope you can succeed as what I have done above, and I took from my experience to overcome oppo a71 forget patterns without MSM download tool, don't forget to give your comments if there is an error link, Hopefully, and thank you

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