Redmi 6 Pro Sakura includes devices that use Qualcomm / Snapdragon processors, where these devices have a lot of users, from our own territory and on various Asian and European continents, if you have a redmi 6 pro device and are looking for solutions on how to delete mi accounts locked / micloud, you are right to open our page, because for our article this time to discuss how to Disable / Bypass Micloud Redmi 6 Pro already supports all miui versions and model names
But it is very unfortunate that there are still many redmi 6 pro xiaomi devices that have not been clean after you can bypass, the purpose of Clean here is that you will not be able to enter this account (can't login my account) because the features of this account are disabled ) and there will be a force close notification after that, but for all features you can freely use it without problems anymore, and more importantly, if you do not have an authorized ID, you will not be able to use the miflashtool xiaomi, because if you force open miflashtool will ask for a login authorized.

Files For Downloading Here

How To Disable Mi Account Redmi 6 Pro
  • Extract firmware first redmi 6 sakura micloud pro plus frp bypass and make a folder on your computer so that it is easy to navigate
  • Install QCommTK Driver and allow it to finish installing, because this driver supports all types of windows
  • Turn off your Sakura device and enter EDL mode by just testing points using tweezers or any material such as iron and others until the device reads 9008 in your PC's device manager
  • After the device is properly connected, open and run the xiaomi miflashtool 2018 and select the "Select" menu then navigate to the firmware folder redmi 6 sakura micloud and grab the firmware folder redmi 6 pro (not images folder)
  • For the three options below the flashtool mi just select "clean all"
  • Press or click the "Refresh" menu so that your device is read by mi flashtool and after it is properly read as a serial com continue by selecting the "Flash" menu
  • Wait until the flashing process redmi 6 global Sakura pro micloud plus FRP succeeds with the "Flash Done" notification and notification of "Success"
  • Remove the device from the computer and please turn it on, but before that, please release it and then reinstall the battery socket so that it is not unexpectedly dead or restarted
  • Finished

We have prepared a video tutorial that you can see carefully and carefully so that the results are the same as what we do the following. So we submit and give you How to Disable / Bypass Redmi 6 Pro Microboud Pro Global and includes frp bypass for today, too. Hopefully what we provide can be useful for you, all our mistakes will not be responsible for that and thank you

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