Good morning and meet us again, for this morning we will deliver how to UBL Redmi S2 YSL Without Waiting for SMS and fix stuck recovery in just minutes Redmi S2 is UBL and you can use this feature for various types of needs you like changing china rom to global or maybe you want to change rom by custom, installing twrp and root, everything you can do if it is redmi s2 ysl you are already in the UBL.
But we are very sorry that we do not include the video for the Redmi S2 YSL UBL tutorial, because in our system there was an error in the process of making the video, but you also need to remember that the redmi s2 bootloader unlock that we processed successfully without stuck mi recovery after the process and not reduce what we say below.

Unlock Bootloader Xiaomi Redmi S2 no longer needs to activate OEM unlock or USB debugging anymore, because the ubl process only requires a test point method connection and with a very small file size, can open the redmi s2 bootloader that is still locked, pay attention to the method and the tutorial that we submit here, and hopefully we can repeat this process along with the video, before you please download this file

Download Following Files
  1. Unlock Bootloader Files Redmi S2 YSL
  2. Qualcomm QDLoader 9008 Driver
  3. Password : firmware27
How To Bootloader Unlock Redmi S2 YSL
  • After successfully downloading some of the Redmi S2 UBL equipment above, extract everything using winrar or 7zip to suit your needs
  • Install the qualcomm qdloader driver on your computer or laptop device and remember to adjust it to the Windows system that you currently use (32bit or 64bit)
  • Turn off your redmi s2 device and please look for the location of the redmi s2 test point, if you don't know where the redmi s2 test point is, please look at the following image, prepare the tools like tweezers or other tools and connect the two tweezers to the second redmi s2 test point then you can input the USB cable from the device to the PC
  • Wait until the computer can read the Redmi S2 as a QDLoader 9008 Qualcomm HS-USB that you can see on your PC's device manager or your laptop.
  • After redmi s2 successfully connects 9008, open and run the redmi s2 bootloader unlock tool then it will ask you to enter the password and please enter the password: firmware 27 and wait for the automatic process to run automatically
  • Just wait a few minutes and after the process is successful you can release your redmi s2 from your pc
  • After success, don't directly access the homescreen menu, but you do the full wipe first
  • Finished

Unlock Bootloader Redmi S2 YSL if your device is locked in this account, you can do it, which is basically any of your redmi s2 conditions, you can do this ubl process, no longer waiting for permission or permissions to get approval from the mi, no longer need to waiting a few days and no longer waiting for an sms, unlocking bootloader redmi s2 is permanent and forever.

So, what do you give can also have benefits for you, especially those of you who are users of Redmi S2 YSL who want the device to be process is fix stuck recovery, don't forget we are not responsible for what happens if there is an error the process, thank you

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