Hi MRT Key users welcome and congratulations on the latest update from the previous version to the new version of MRT V3.52 Released on (01/22/2020), more and more of the latest models that already support such as Vivo S5 and Vivo Y3, not only that, in the addition of the mrt v3.53 update back to huawei devices, in one of the official key mrt forums it was explained that there was an additional huawei flashing method using test points, fastboots and without test points, so maybe mrt dongle users would be very happy once because it's been updated again.
Hopefully in the future MRT Dongle can be used for all models of the old MRT dongle users who want support for the OPPO A3ph c1818 / cph1803, so just wait for the latest update from this MRT dongle by following our page or can go directly to the official forum page the key is here, if you want to ask about errors that occur in this v3.53 mrt, you can give questions about errors that occur in your mrt dongle, here we will also provide the latest link updates from us if you really still having trouble downloading it. Keep following our channel and our page because there will be a lot that we provide here.

If you don't have an MRT Dongle, please contact the nearest reseller in your city with the Official Dongle MRT, for this mrt key product there are many kinds, such as AE Tool / MRT eMMc, but for both software you have to have extra power because you have to disassemble everything part of the device part that you will be working on, such as one example is for Oppo A3S CPH1853 / CPH1803 Reset Pattern Using AE Tool and ISP Direct method, but be very careful when we start to do it, because it is not impossible we make a wrong move, it will be very dangerous for our device and our device could totally die not functioning at all, and thus MRT Key Dongle users, once again, I congratulate you on this update MRT Dongle V3.53 with many support models in it, always successful and thank you

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