Solved Asus Zenfone Go ZB500KG X00BD Qualcomm 9008 Mode

Like I said that I will always update the content about problems on your Android smartphone, starting from the old type, to the newest type with a variety of damage, but I am very specific here I only discuss the damage to the software, hopefully with the tutorial, the tested file that I provide, can help you a little in handling your Android problems.

For the content this time I will discuss the problem on the Asus Zenfone Go X00BD Qualcomm mode HS-USB Qdloader 9008 when we connect this handphone to the computer, this tutorial might also be able to use the Asus X00BB Bootloop / only the Asus logo or the Asus X00bd to restart continuously, but besides that there are other most important parts of your Asus hardware, because on every Android there must be an emmc ic, so that determines whether or not it works, depending on the hardware conditions that are in your Asus x00bd.
Solved Asus Zenfone Go ZB500KG X00BD Qualcomm 9008 Mode
I am very sure if the Asus X00bd with EMMC IC is still good but cannot enter the recovery / droidboot mode on your Asus x00bd, please use the method that I will convey today, as usual before we can do this Asus X00bd mode 9008, prepare the following materials, because what I'm going to say there are two ways of flashing, okay so you're not curious, we just refer to the tutorial

#1. Asus X00BD QFill Flashing
  • The first step we just extract the first four ingredients above using winrar or 7zip if indeed an error
  •  Install Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader Drivers and also Qualcomm Devices QPST Flashing Tool into your computer, to be able to install QPST Qualcomm Devices Flashing Tool, your PC must already have NetframeWork 4.5 installed so please find the offline installer instead
  • For the first step we are flashing using QFill with QFill firmware of course, so please just open and run QPST then select QFill Tool
  • In the "Programmer Path" menu browse and navigate to the file "prog_emmc_firehose_8x10.mbn"
  • Select the "Load XML" menu again and still in the Asus x00bd multidownload firmare folder, because there are two rawprogram files, we select and just enter this file "rawprogram_unsparse_NoWipe.xml" and select the file "patch0.xml" again
  • In the case of a dead cellphone, connect it directly to the computer until it is detected as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008, if it hasn't been read, try pressing the two volume buttons then reconnect to the computer
  • Now you press the "Download" menu if you encounter problems with QFill with Sahara failed, try closing the QFill and Open again then press the "Download" menu again.
  • Just wait until there is a statement "Complete Success" now you can disconnect your cellphone from the PC and turn it on
  • Finish
#2.Asus X00BD Flashing Fastboot Mode
  • Flashing Asus ZB500KG this second stage please enter the android bootloader mode by accessing the volume up button then connect the device to the kmoputer until the Asus logo appears and leave it
  • Open the firmware folder "WW_ZB500KG_8610-" and double click on the file "Flashall.bat"
  • Now you only need to wait for the results of this second stage of flashing until finished with the notification "pres anykey to continue" so just press any key on your pc's keyboard then close
  • Done
After completing the first step above, if the IC Emmc Asus X00bd condition is not problematic, your cellphone will immediately turn on, but what I found is the menu and the application is very strange, like in a Samsung mobile phone that is flashing using a file combination, so please do it with the following second flashing stage

Thus my article today reviewing the Asus Zenfone Go ZB500KG X00BD Mode 9008 or the term is Unbrick Asus X00BD Via QFill, hopefully with the tutorial and file above you can do it successfully, don't forget to also give your comments politely if it helps, thank you

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