Asus Zenfone Max 3 ZC520TL Update Flashing With Smartphone Flashtool

Asus mobile phones generally use Intel chipsets, but not all types of Asus with the processor equipped, some use Qualcomm, and many also use Mediatek chipsets, as I will discuss this time how to overcome Asus Zenfone Max 3 zc520tl failed flashing, this type of Asus is mediatek, so we must use SP Flashtool for the flashing process.Not much I will write and explain in my article this time, because I will immediately provide a complete and clear, as well as a tutorial with the video that you can see later at the end of my article, but beforehand as usual, please prepare some materials supporters include
Cara Flashing Asus Zenfone Max 3 ZC520TL Via SP Flashtool
Smartphone Flashtool All Versions

  • As in general we will do flashing any type of cellphone again, especially the type of cellphone that uses mediatek, we extract all the files and save them in a special folder
  • Also install mediatek usb flashing drivers, so that later our cellphones can run well and can be connected properly to the computer
  • The next step is open and run sp flashtool all versions, you can choose version 5 so the process can run
  • Click on the "Scatter Loading" menu and navigate to the Asus firmware folder that we extracted before then take this file "MT6737M_Android_scatter.txt"
  • Now click the "Download" menu to start the flashing process
  • Disable your Asus mobile and press the volume down button then connect to the computer using a data cable, of course, until the flashing process runs by itself
  • Wait and be patient because the time to re-flash the Asus Zenfone Max 3 takes less than 20 minutes until you see an OK notification indicating that the flashing is over again
  • Done

After completing the steps above, the Asus mobile phone can be turned on normally, I suggest that you immediately check on the IMEI and baseband section, or you can directly install the simcard, it is not impossible, IMEI will disappear or IMEI invalid after flashing, this is a lot and a lot of my experience dealing with mediatek devices after that IMEI is gone, but if only IMEI is missing and the baseband is still there, you write imei just use the 3g meta maui finished

Just information for you too, if during the flashing process it turns out there is an error out like Brom CDM Error or PMT Change Must Be Downloaded, try before pressing the download menu, you go to the format and format tab menu first, then repeat the flashing step by selecting the download mode earlier. until it's over, all right, that's all my friends today, good luck and thank you

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