Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Xiaomi Redmi S2 YSL Bootloader Unlock Without Permission Free Just 1 Minutes

Hi users of the Xiaomi Redmi S2 android smartphone, today we want to prove to you what the Unlock Bootloader Method of the Xiaomi Redmi S2 YSL Without permission from Xiaomi, because what we know is that to be able to unlock the official bootloader all the features of Xiaomi & Redmi takes approximately 1 week to 1 month, if we really need a lot of procedures for this UBL, it is very unfortunate, you must wait for some of the time specified above.
Don't be afraid, it's special for Xiaomi Redmi S2 users, we want to prove to you the unlock loader guide Redmi S2 without permission and without permissions with less than 1 minute, the procedure that we want to show here is a download or regular test point emergency method we also call EDL 9008, whatever your redmi s2 situation is, you can work on this method with our file, let's just start

Prepare the following file

Here's Guidance and How to do it
  • Extract files using winrar or 7zip, in which there are 2 files and passwords that you want to use to open the unlock bootloader tools
  • Install qualcomm usb qdloader drivers so that the redmi s2 ysl feature can be properly connected by your pc / laptop
  • Unload the cover back then look for the location of the redmi s2 ysl test point and connect the two points using assistive devices such as tweezers or the like
  • Make sure that the redmi s2 feature is currently in a state of qualcomm hs- usb qdloader 9008
  • Open the unlock file bootloader folder then open notepad with the password in it and after opening the tools, select run as administrator
  • Wait until the bootloader unlock tool ends with the "the operation complete successfully" notification and release the redmi s2 feature then please turn it on
  • Finished

This method is special for the Redmi S2 YSL feature and the results of Permanent Bootloader Unlock without waiting for permission from the Xiaomi back and now you are free to do anything with your Redmi S2 feature, it is very regrettable if we do not accompany this video with our usual video, but do not reduce the results of what we say above, do not less remember always visiting our park, because there are so many that we want to convey, thank you

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