As we gave the title above, namely Xperia Z5 Premium Google Account Locked, we will try to provide a solution for you this premium Xperia Z5 device user so that your device after successfully deleted the Google account, it will return to be used properly, and we will use here. the method between the finger gym method and also the adb frp method, for the file we have provided at the end of the writing.

Indeed, the method is quite a bit longer compared to using a dongle or flasher box that we can quickly and easily do, but what about users or users of devices that don't have a dongle or flasher box, that's where we will give the tutorial for you, how , let's just look together


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How To Remove,Reset Google Account Lock
  • First, please install the installer driver adb first, so that later when we activate the adb mode on the device, it will immediately be read by our pc
  • Second, please follow the video tutorial until you are finished with the finger gym method that you can see on the following page. How to get the Xperia Z5 FRP Premium Bypas
  • For the next step after you have successfully activated the adb device mode on your Xperia device, connect the device to the PC in the on state and let the driver install it until it's finished
  • Open the premium frp xperia z5 bypass folder and select the file "ADB_FRP.bat" then run as administrator until a new window appears
  • Just wait until the process is complete with the "press anykey to continue" notification just press the button spacing your pc's keyboard and the adb frp tool will immediately close itself
  • If you still see the screen still locked on a Google account, just follow the video or you can choose the back menu only and it will automatically no longer request verification of the old Google account, indicating that the FRP adb mode bypass process is complete and successful
  • Finished

For Xperia Z5 this premium has two variants of the Android system, so please adjust it with the Andorid version, including Lollipop and Marshmallow, we managed to overcome this locked Google Xperia Z5 account successfully, if you don't understand the steps we wrote above, you can see the video directly so it's easy to understand, that's what we said in our article today, hope it's useful and thank you

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