Fix Stuck Recovery Redmi 5 MDG1,MDT1,MDE1 With Xiaomi Mi Flashtool

Hi all android users, today we will show you how to fix the redmi 5 miui global version stuck recovery, which we know that Xiaomi Redmi has two versions of variants including the Chinese version and the global version, if your Redmi 5 device is in the Chinese version , you can't automatically update to the global version of ROM and there is a stuck recovery mi, but you can return it to the China ROM version very easily, that is the problem we will show this time and what we will use is the global version of ROM fix stuck recovery Redmi 5 rosy
Fix Stuck Recovery Redmi 5 MDG1,MDT1,MDE1 With Xiaomi Mi Flashtool
The flashing tools that we use also here are the xiaomi miflashtool version 2017.4.25 because in this version there is no error or an error statement appears, maybe you can use other versions according to the needs of your windows system, if you use the 64bit system you might be able to search the xiaomi version of miflashtool with the same version of Windows too, for the problem of usb drivers you have to adjust it also with the one used by your computer / laptop, of course, let's prepare the files that we need so that we can proceed further

Prepare this files for procceed

How to Fix Redmi Stuck Recovery 5
  • Extract all the files that you have prepared using Winrar or 7zip and make a folder just so that it is easy to navigate
  • After that if your redmi 5 device is in Unlock Bootloader, use the Fastboot Oem EDL method to enter 9008 mode.
  • If your redmi 5 device is still Locked Bootloader, you can use the test point method that we have included above
  • Open and run the Xiaomi flashtool then select the "Refresh" menu this way so that your redmi 5 device reads the serial com
  • Next, select the "Select" menu and navigate to the firmware folder redmi 5 fix stuck recovery (enter the folder do not file)
  • The next step in the three menu options below you just select "Flash All"
  • The last step select the "Flash" menu and the redmi 5 flashing fix stuck recovery will run automatically
  • If you have seen the "Flash Done" notification or the notification is the "Success" release the device and turn it on to the initial boot settings
  • Finished

The Redmi 5 Rosy firmware that we included is not only for your redmi 5 stuck recovery device, but it can also be used to Remove Xiaomi Account For MDT1, MDE1, MDG1 and support the China device, but you should never reset it, update the Miui version or flashing reset when your device is bootloop or whatever, because the device will again be locked into the mi account and other errors, indeed the device with the Chinese version can't be fixed right, this way your device will be able to be used again

That's how the Fix Stuck Recovery Xiaomi Redmi 5 that we submitted on the occasion today, whatever happens when the flashing process, don't ever release the device from your pc because it can change your device to hardbrick or redmi 5 900e, for that we recommend look back at your device battery percentage, thank you

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