Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro MEE7S,MET7S,MEG7S Mi Account Relock

Hi all Note 5 Pro smartphone users, today we share a tutorial where what is still around mi remove account and bypass, today we are trying to provide the best solution for you how to Redmi Note 5 Pro (Whyred) Mi Bypass BL or Unlock BL Locked and note 5 pro have Anti Rollback feature, here note 5 pro that we are example is using ARB 4, we have tried it and managed to overcome xiaomi account after you remove xiaomi account and it turns out that after connecting to the internet it will be locked again, this is the last solution if indeed You have a problem with Note 5 Pro which is not easy to remove Xiaomi accounts.


For the time being, the Redmi Note 5 Pro still can't remove its xiaomi account because of new security, the way out so that it won't be locked again is that by sharing it today without boxes and only using small files, the xioami account will not be locked again even though connected to the internet via wifi or simcard, but there are some files that you have to prepare including

Download the following file
  1. Note 5 Pro Mi Account File
  2. Qualcomm USB QDLoader Drivers
  3. Note 5 Pro Anti Relock File

How it works, we have given the tutorial that we packed in the following video, you can follow the steps to prevent it from being locked up on the xiaomi account again, if you like the tutorial that we provide, give Subscribe, Like and Share to be able to build our channel better and more advanced, good luck

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