Friday, April 5, 2019

Xiaomi Redmi 4x Mi Account Bypass Remove Latest Method 2019

Today we found a problem on the Redmi 4x device that is locked into an xiaomi account, often this Xiaomi device is a problem that we find, we have fixed a lot and all of that is a problem on a Xiaomi account that is locked or often called micloud, for devices we consider cpu qualcomm easy because if the device is still BL Locked we use the test point method like Redmi 4x which we will discuss, but if our device uses CPU Mediatek like Redmi 6a we have discussed about Redmi 6a Remove Mi Account Fastboot Mode, use cpu mediatek and we cannot use the test point method, so for redmi devices 6a your device must have BL Unlocked to be able to remove xiaomi accounts


Unlike what we will discuss today, Redmi 4x Xiaomi Account Remove uses the test point method only, then how does it work and the tutorial, we share it in the form of videos to simplify your work and please download some files beforehand the following

Download Following Files
How To Remove Xiaomi Account Redmi 4x,You can see the tutorial below, and if you want to get an article update from us, please subscribe, comment, like to build our channel to be more advanced and developing to share the smartphone tutorials you need

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