Friday, April 5, 2019

Vivo Y53 (PD1628F) Forgot Password,Pattern Lock With UFI

How to Flash Vivo Y53 PD1628F With UFI Box is our way to overcome vivo y53 with bootloop conditions, hangs logo, forget patterns, forget passwords, indeed for those of you who still don't have a flasher box or flasher dongle like UFI Box or UFI Dongle, you can use QFILL Tool, but there are times when you use the QFILL Tool for y53 vivo flashing after it is successful it is not possible that the IMEI will not be the same as the IMEI serial number behind your vivo y53 smartphone, this type of vivo is very vulnerable to signal loss after flashing using the QFILL Tool, which was even more fatal error after successful flashing became Baseband Unknown


Why do we explain it as above, because we have repeatedly flashing vivo y53 via QFILL Tool the results are like what we explained above, like imei and the signal is missing, what steps should we take to make the IMEI and the signal return to normal, as advice from us, you are looking for the QCN Vivo Y53 File then you can use the QFILL Tool Restore Menu and please restore QCN and Write Imei back with a lot of tools on Google, here we try to share the same tutorial with what we gave the title above, and before you have to download some of the files and tools like this

Download File,Tool And Driver

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