Friday, April 5, 2019

SIM Network Unlock PIN Samsung J7 Pro SM-J730F With Z3X Box Official

If you find a problem on a Samsung smartphone with the conditions when activated it will ask for a sim network unlock pin, it indicates that your smartphone cannot be used in your country with your own country operator card, if this happens make sure your smartphone is still locked on the network countries that cannot be opened and installed gsm cards in your country, then how is the solution to be able to open this unlock network pin so that your smartphone can be re-used, we just look at the tutorial we will give today about Samsung J7 Pro SIM Network Unlock PIN


This problem is often found on Samsung smartphones and if this is true, for those of you who already have a flasher box like the Z3X Box Official it will be very easy, but if you don't have a box like this, it is recommended that you look for service centers in your country, to be able overcoming things like this, the most important step that you have to do is to install root or rooting first into your android samsung system, we will give you how to root the samsung j7 pro in our next post, and we see together how the tutorial below , if you like our video, please provide comments and Subscribe, Like it so that you get an article update from us

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