Friday, April 5, 2019

Samsung J7 Prime SM-G610F Bypass Google Account Lock New Security 2018

Hello everyone, today we found a problem that we usually encounter in the Android system, the problem is the Samsung J7 Prime G610F / DS Factory Reset Protection (FRP), for devices with the latest new security patch 2018 we will not be able to use tools like dongles or boxes flasher, because we have also tried from various flasher tools and boxes, one of them is Z3X Box and Ultimate FRP Tool UMT, the results have not changed at all and still display FRP, we tried using the combination file but there was an error, we also tried using the calculator method , it also doesn't work, we use the talkback feature to display an error such as "Your request has declined for security reasons" and then we try to use UMT Ultimate FRP "Binary Rejected" error etc.


We keep trying but the final results still cannot remove FRP that is still attached to this Samsung J7 Prime, then we try to use Sidesync, the FRP application results remain unchanged and FRP still appears, maybe this is called New Security Patch 2018, and in the end we tried to use the Dial 198 method through the Realterm PC application and the end result was Working And Tested By Me, then how and the tutorial, we will share it today

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