Thursday, April 4, 2019

Remove FRP,Pattern Lock And Password Lock Oppo A57 With MRT Dongle

One more advantage of the MRT Dongle Tool that we are working on today is the Oppo A57 smartphone with the problem of Factory Reset Protection (FRP), in just a few minutes your Oppo smartphone can return to normal and you can use it again, of course for those of you who have have Dongle Official MRT, the way we can also do is to overcome the Oppo A57 Forgotten Pattern, Oppo A57 User Password and User Lock Code


This can happen because after hardreset and or wipe your smartphone data, after success Hardreset will again appear asking for a Google account that was previously not logged out, as a result the device immediately asks to activate a Google account, for those of you who don't have a tool like MRT dongle, you can repair it only with repeated flashing or you can also flash using the prog_emmc file only, for the Oppo A57 FRP Bypass tutorial By MRT, let's look together at the video below

The method that we deliver is actually very easy for us to do and does not require tools such as MRT dongle, because Oppo A57 uses a Qualcomm chipset, so we will provide the tool and file so that Oppo A57 is locked in a Google account or forget the pattern can be solved without using the dongle or dongle anything, but if you already have a dongle, please follow the method and how we deliver it to the following video tutorial Bypass FRP,Forgot Pattern,Lock Password Oppo A57 MRT Dongle

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