Friday, April 5, 2019

Redmi 4 Bypass Mi Account All MIUI With MRT Dongle

You have a problem with Redmi 4, on the xiaomi id or xiaomi locked account, we will provide a complete and clear tutorial, but we will use the MRT Dongle Official Tool,here and we use the MRT Mi Unlock Tool as a tool to process remove mi accounts on redmi 4 (prada) device, but we will also use the find device file because after successfully unlocking the xiaomi account, you will not be able to login to your xiaomi account and when making a call, the screen will darken and deactivate, and we usually refer to it as a sensor, and after that we successfully bypass mi account without any more obstacles and errors,because our redmi 4 device has not BL Unlock, we use the test point method and please look for where the redmi 4 test point is located, if devices are redmi 4 you have Unlock Bootloader, you don't need to open all cassing and machines for the test point method


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