Friday, April 5, 2019

Nokia 6 TA1021 Android 9 Remove Bypass Google Account Lock Without Talkback

Hi good morning and best wishes to our friends who are still loyal on our page and for the opportunity this morning we will update our latest article where we will explain here is the Nokia 6 (TA1021) FRP Bypass Android Pie uses a new method, namely the language change method.


Before we wrote and made the tutorial on video, we had already tried it and various experiments that we did all had no results, we tried to what was shown by the tutorials there, using the talkback menu and entering the help & feedback menu to be able to open browsing and it turns out that the menu does not exist, we have tried various menus in it but still can not and does not exist, finally with our enthusiasm, we can find a way so that this Nokia 6 can open browsing with the method of changing languages with languages that are not commonly seen namely in Nepali, let's just look at the tutorial

Related to what we explained above, we also provide the tutorial video for you so that you can better understand the workings and steps, if you like our tutorial, please support us by subscribing, commenting, ringing the bell so you can get the latest updates from us

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