Friday, April 5, 2019

Mi 6a Mi Account Remove Clean With Fastboot Mode

Hi xiomi redmi 6a users anywhere, if you have a redmi 6a (cactus) smartphone and see the redmi 6a initial display requesting an xiaomi account, now you don't need to hesitate anymore, because we have successfully opened and bypassed the xiaomi redmi 6a account that you have now , of course without a flasher box, without a flasher dongle and only requires a very clear file of success and uses the fastboot method, because the redmi 6a model uses cpu mediatek so we won't be able to use the test point method, to be able to remove xiaomi account redmi 6a your device must be in a state of BL Unlocked or Bootloader Unlocked, if your device is still BL Locked, we cannot help you with this file, well just look at the tutorials and files that we provide below


Password Files Sell for $2 Confirmation With Our Whatsapp +6281809462883 and Device Must Be Unlock Bootloader,If Device Still Locked Bootloader you can not use this files and not working after bootloader unlocked

Download Following Files
How To Remove And Tutorial

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