Friday, April 5, 2019

How To Remove Mi Account Redmi 5 Plus With UMT Dongle

Hello, the UMT Dongle Official Tool user, today we will share our own experience over Redmi 5 Plus (Vince). Mi Account Unlock only takes a few seconds and only one click, but this method is only for UMT Dongle users, for those of you who don't have UMT Tool, you can see in our previous post about Redmi 5 Plus Unlock Xiaomi Mi Account By Mi Flash, but if you use how to use flash mi, you must have a flash tool that you can get here too and before you have it already File Remove  Mi Account Redmi 5 Plus Global


Please see our video tutorial that we deliberately made for you so that you can better understand and understand the steps you need to do so that redmi 5 plus you can use it again normally without asking for the mi cloud account again, don't forget to subscribe if you like video tutorial from us so that you can also get updated articles from our

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