How To Instal Custom Recovery And Root Samsung J5 J510F Android 7.1.1

Hi all back with us installing twrp recovery and rooting on samsung j5 2016 which we will submit is our next article on today, where in fact we have a problem with the j5 2016 device which is locked in a network and can be solved using z3x box official, but before we can unlock the network for the first step we have to rooting first on this device and installing custom recovery, for the file in the description below, how, we just watch the tutorial video that we have provided, here are the files and tools that you must prepare


Download Following Files
  1. Custom Recovery Android 7.1.1
  2. SuperSu Files and Copy into sdcard
  3. Samsung USB Driver Installer
How to install Samsung J5 2016 custom recovery and how to rooting Samsung J5 You can see step by step on the video that we have provided, do not do this method and this file for Samsung J5 2016 Android 6.0 because it will cause the device to be bootloop and hanglogo, file we have provided it and we have tested it and successfully installed custom recovery and rooting, if you like the articles we provide, our Subscribe channel can be more developed and advanced to provide the best solution on your smartphone

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