How To Fix MRT Dongle Menu Not Working Solved

One more problem that comes to the MRT Dongle tool, where previously we shared the MRT Dongle Error tutorial 001,002,004 and for this opportunity we got back the error in the official MRT dongle tool, where the problem is if you are an MRT Dongle user and encounter problems when you click on the QC Tool or Xiaomi Tool menu does not work properly, but there are some that are still working

We hope you do not panic first, because this problem is only a slight mistake on the interface mrt and not a big problem, we have also provided the tutorial in the form of videos so that you better understand and follow what steps we have taken to improve the Dongle MRT This Not Working Menu Tab, and if you like this tutorial, please Subscribe, Comment so we can get ahead and thank you

If you want to be more complete about how to fix the menu on this MRT dongle, you can see the tutorial video that we provide so that you can easily follow the method that we submit here How To Fix MRT Dongle Menu Not Working Solved

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