How To Disable Micloud For Xiaomi Device All MIUI Versions

Disable Mi Cloud Service With UMT, we will provide the tutorial where you can redmi note 5a users enter the homescreen menu because it is blocked by asking for the mi cloud account that you must activate first, while yourself forget the password and forget the account id, the way to get the device back can be used is to remove the mi account first and specifically for the redmi note 5a there are 3 model variants including the MDG6, MDT6, MDE6 models, for MDT6 and MDG6 succeeded without using tools or dongle like UMT and others, using only very small files can unlock the account and the device can be used again
But in some models, especially MDE6, it is very difficult to unlock MI account, we tested it with several tools and the dongle. The results are still the same asking for mi accounts, finally we took the initiative ourselves because it was difficult to remove mi accounts, we used the UMT Dongle Official Tool and we chose the way ANTI RELOCK on the UMT Tool menu, how to do it, we just saw it together

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