Fastboot ROM GLobal & Stable For Redmi Note 5a All Versions

We will share the Stable Global ROM & Developer ROM Redmi Note 5a (Ugglite) today, we provide fastboot rom redmi note 5a because we ourselves have experience with this device with mi account issues that are very difficult to unlock mi account, we have tried with various tools , the dongle and also the official box, but still can't remove mi account, we also tried replacing the Miui version from Miui 8 to Miui 10, but the problem still didn't change, finally we tried re-flashing using FastBoot ROM which we were going to share here only to install the customrom redmi note 5a so that it can enter the homescreen menu, and here are 2 versions of fastboot rom redmi note 5a


Download ROM Redmi Note 5a
  • Redmi Note 5a Global Stable
  • File Size : 1,8 GB
  • Miui Version : V9.6.2.0
  • Download
Download ROM Redmi Note 5a
  • Redmi Note 5a Global Developer
  • File Size : 1,7 GB
  • Miui Version : V8.11.15 ( MIUI 10 )
  • Download
That is fastboot rom redmi note 5a that we have shared for you today, if you have problems like mi accounts, or just want to upgrade to a higher version, make backups in advance so that later things don't happen like the loss of personal data yourself

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