Download MRT Dongle Setup File V2.60 Latest Update

Hi All, you are a mobile phone technician and already have a Dongle MRT, but you have a hard time finding an MRT Dongle Package installer, we think what we will give might be a little help you to find this installer on this page. Dongle MRT is a tool to fix all types One of them is Oppo or the latest Vivo device and already has the latest 2018 security, this dongle is what you can use to overcome this, Dongle MRT has updated to the latest version, V2.60 with the addition of support for Oppo New Security, Vivo, Xiaomi and many devices and other devices


Dongle MRT not only can you use to repair smartphones like Forgot Pattern, Forgot Password or Reset FRP, but you can also use Dongle MRT for smartphones with bootloop conditions, stuck logos and also flashing ROM upgrades, you can see all the tutorials we have provided on our TECH SPEEDS Channel, for how to install Dongle MRT, we will not explain it here, because Dongle MRT is an Installer Package and not Installer.exe, "Download Installer Dongle MRT Package" then Extract Using Winrar or 7zip" and Dongle MRT is ready for use.

For new MRT Dongle users, you need to know that after extracting files and it turns out that you see the interface dongle error like 001,002,004 and 009 please see on this page "Solution For MRT Dongle Error 001,002,004,009 Fix", after you can resolve the error but an error still appears others such as the MRT Dongle Tab Menu Not Working, you can see this page "Fix Solutions MRT Dongle Error Menu Tab Not Working".

A little explanation from us about the dongle mrt error above is for errors such as:
  1. Error002 !!! Make Sure Your Computer Has Connect the Internet ... (the purpose of the error is when you open and run the dongle mrt, you must first be connected to the internet) from some users in each country this error can appear back even though it's connected to the internet, and the solution is to install on your computer the VPNGate application or you can also use Sumrando
  2. Error004 !!! Make Sure Your Computer Has Connect Internet ... for the error is still the same as in point number 1 above, the solution is still the same as above
  3. Error004 !!! Make Sure Your Computer Has Connect Internet ... for the error is still the same as in point number 2 above, the solution is still the same as above
  4. Error009 !!! Make Sure Your Computer Has Connect Internet ... for the error is still the same as in point number 3 above, the solution is still the same as what we have said above.
If you have opened the MRT Dongle and you run it, but some Tabs Menu Don't Run This is an error where you have to change the Server Settings in the menu settings in the MRT interface and you can see the tutorial that we have conveyed above, thus all errors that occur in the dongle mrt it will be lost and ready to use, this is the MRT Dongle Installer Package that you can download the following

Download MRT Dongle V2.60 Latest Update

Addition of Support Models

" As shared on the official page that for the MRT Dongle Update Latest Versions V2.60 there have been additions to the xiaomi device with the Redmi S2 YSL and like what it says also that the Redmi S2 YSL has a boot file so you can use it to Flashing Upgrade or Downgrade "

Redmi S2 YSL Boot Files



Thanks for supporting the GSMFORUM and also Thank you to GSMFIELD ARD, with us providing the download link for MRT Dongle V2.60 Official and also adding support for Vivo Models and also Oppo Models, I think we can help you to be easy to find, Good luck

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