Tuesday, September 17, 2019

How To Remove Mi Account Xiaomi Redmi 7a Pine With Xiaomi Flashtools

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Hi see you again, thank you for continuing to open our page and we are very happy we can give you all the tutorials that we have taken from our experience, and for today we will try to show you how to clean your Xiaomi Redmi 7a Pine account using xiaomi miflashtool, but still the same as before with the latest xiaomi devices must require xiaomi authorized so that xiaomi miflashtool can run without errors.
How To Remove Mi Account Xiaomi Redmi 7a Pine With Xiaomi Flashtools
The method is still the same as in our previous video from the model Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro which at that time was still in a disabled xiaomi account condition, of course on the xiaomi redmi 7a pine device, the results will be the same if your Xiaomi device is included in the official guarantee, the results can be clean, but if your xiaomi device includes a distributor warranty, maybe the results will be disabled, let us refer to it together how our experience can overcome xiaomi redmi 7a pine locked mi account, but beforehand please prepare the following

  1. Xiaomi Redmi 7a Mi Account Remove
  2. Xiaomi Redmi 7a FRP Remove Files
  3. Qualcomm USB Drivers
  4. Xiaomi Mi Flashtool 2018

Thank you once again for today we show you how to bypass micloud xiaomi redmi 7a pine, keep up to date with the latest content from us every day, so that you can easily search for a suitable place for you to follow everything about smartphone repair from the Android system to iOS , thank you for watching our video, good luck

Monday, September 16, 2019

Remove Google Account Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SM-N960F Android 9.0

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Hi all user,is back with us and for today we provide the tutorial for you, where we will deliver for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SM-N960F device locked in a Google account, without combination files and without full firmware, because by flashing file combination and flashing the galaxy note 9 firmware, the risk that occurs can be very fatal and can result in a total dead or hardbrick device.


Previously we thank gsmjemli for giving us files that were able to remove Google account on our Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device, we only gave a little less than 10 minutes to you, Remove FRP Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android Oreo 8.1 which we encountered in this device using CPU Exynos, let's just start preparing some of the files that we provide here

Download Combination & Tools
  1. N960FXXU2CSA2_N960FOXM2CSA2_XSG ( Full Firmware )
  2. COMBINATION_FAC_FA81_N960FXXU2ARL8 ( Combination File )
  3. Odin Tool Latest Versions
  4. Samsung Mobile USB Flashing Drivers

We have already said about how to use the Samsung Note 9 Android FRP 8.1 for you today, if the video we provide can help you, please Subscribe.Like & Share our channel to be able to develop and advance to provide tutorials about smartphones and problems.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Reset FRP Samsung Note 8 N950F Android 8.0 Without Talkback

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Remove Factory Reset Protection Samsung Note 8 N950F Android Oreo 8.0 is one of the tutorials that we will give to you, where Note 8 locks the Google account and asks to be reactivated so that the device can be used, but after we try it in several ways and we see it on outside, we can't apply it to our galaxy note 8 device and all of them fail, we use combination files and also full official firmware samsung note 8, the results don't change and still ask for a google account, we try using the method directly from our device and we select the About Samsung Keyboard menu but on the menu it cannot be touched and we cannot open it, and in the end we find the best solution and we are very grateful for GSM JEMLI which has inspired us on how to bypass frp samsung note 8 android 8.0 and we can finish it well, then how we do and implement it, we have made this tuorial for you specifically the samsung galaxy note 8 sm n950f user
This method can you also apply to other Samsung devices with Android 7.0, Android 7.1 and Android 8.0, with this tutorial we hope you can also succeed in overcoming Samsung Note 8 FRP Remove, if you like our videos, Subscribe so we can be more advanced and growing to provide tutorials that are very useful for you, especially Android smartphone users everywhere, thank you for us

Friday, September 13, 2019

Official MRT Dongle V3.29 Latest Setup Download

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Hi All, you are a mobile phone technician and already have a Dongle MRT, but you have a hard time finding an MRT Dongle Package installer, we think what we will give might be a little help you to find this installer on this page. Dongle MRT is a tool to fix all types One of them is Oppo or the latest Vivo device and already has the latest 2018 security, this dongle is what you can use to overcome this, Dongle MRT has updated to the latest version, V2.60 with the addition of support for Oppo New Security, Vivo, Xiaomi and many devices and other devices
MRT Dongle V3.27 Latest Setup 04/08/2019 Download
Dongle MRT not only can you use to repair smartphones like Forgot Pattern, Forgot Password or Reset FRP, but you can also use Dongle MRT for smartphones with bootloop conditions, stuck logos and also flashing ROM upgrades, you can see all the tutorials we have provided on our TECH SPEEDS Channel, for how to install Dongle MRT, we will not explain it here, because Dongle MRT is an Installer Package and not Installer.exe, "Download Installer Dongle MRT Package" then Extract Using Winrar or 7zip" and Dongle MRT is ready for use.

This new update add VIVO MT6771 CPU Boots with this, if you enable adb and not CDC driver comes,you can unlock direct select Model X21i_Function2 Y97_Function2 Z3i_Function_2 Y3_Function_2….and click the software start button, hold vol up(boot)key for unlocking support frp remove direct also!!!,Adjust Vivo Mtk 6771 Cpu Boots With This 3.29 Update, all The Vivo Mtk 6771 Working With Preloader Driver Mean With This You Can Unlock By Power Off Mode, in The Software Select X21i Or Y97 Z3i…New Update support Huawei Qualcomm DUB-AL00 DUB-TL00 DUB-AL29… 8.2.178 version unlock account frp…direct; need short edl pin to 9008 Mobile adds in hw_flash tool!!!

Add Vivo Mtk 6765 6771 Write Flash

Such As : Vivo X21i Z3i Y83 Y93s Y91 Y91c Y81s Y3….
Add Vivo Z5x Format Support(Support Remove Userlock And Account) — World First Add Meitu T9 V7 Unlock Support(In Others Mobile,support Userlock And Account)—world First Add Meizu 16s 16sx Note9 Note8 X8 E3 Support (Imei Repair\erase Account\userlock…)—world First


QC_Tool Move to 3.15 software and more good support Qualcomm flash\erase frp\format\read flash.

MRT Dongle V2.60 Latest Update

MRT Dongle V3.27 Latest Setup 04/08/2019

MRT Dongle V3.29 Latest Setup

Redmi S2 YSL Boot Files



Thanks for supporting and also Thank you to, with us providing the download link for MRT Dongle V2.60 Official and also adding support for Vivo Models and also Oppo Models, I think we can help you to be easy to find, Good luck